[Mailman-Users] Rejection Message

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Nov 4 18:02:56 CET 2007

Martin Dennett wrote:

>When posting to a list, if I reply to a reply to a reply, I get a 
>rejection from the server saying "The message's content type was not 
>explicitly allowed" - but prior to this, the messages get accepted. Any 
>ideas what may be causing this, and what the admin can do (no command 
>line access) to prevent this from happening, please?

The reject is because after content filtering has been applied, there
is nothing left in your message. The list admin can adjust content
filtering or turn it off, but this is probably not a good solution.

The problem is in the way your MUA is creating this message. It it most
likely, being posted as an HTML only message. I am only guessing, but
here's what I think is happening:

The list is set to remove text/html parts. You post a text/plain
message to the list. Someone replies to this message and the reply is
multipart/alternative with text/plain and text/html alternatives and
the text/plain alternative reaches the list, or maybe the reply is
html only and it too is rejected by the list. However, in either case,
you are a direct addressee of the reply so you receive it in its
original form.

Further, your MUA settings include things like "reply to messages in
the format received" and maybe "when sending 'rich text' send rich
text only". This causes your MUA to compose and send an html only
message which is rejected by the list.

If you have the original reply and/or a saved copy of your reply to
this reply, examine the raw messages to determine the MIME
structure/content-types to see what's being sent and received.

You may also wish to look at the list archive to see if the original
reply is there.

The solution is to adjust your MUA to send plain text only and to not
reply to messages in the format in which they are sent.

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