[Mailman-Users] Can one use EC2 for bandwidth spikes?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Nov 4 22:27:22 CET 2007

On 11/4/07, Chuck Peters wrote:

>  What is required to make this work properly?

 From the Mailman side, they need to accept your port 25 connections, 
and queue and deliver the outgoing messages.  Of course, this means 
you need to ensure that VERP and personalization are turned off, and 
you need to make sure that you have your system configured to send 
the maximum possible number of recipients per message.  This means 
you'd dump a small handful of outgoing messages on their servers, and 
they'd handle the rest.

You'd want them to continue trying to do that for several days, 
because you wouldn't want mail messages to a given site to be just 
thrown away simply because they were a little slow to respond.

There are a lot of mailing list administration features that are made 
a lot easier by using VERP and letting Mailman automagically figure 
out what's going on and handling it.  Turning off VERP will mean that 
there are certain classes of problems you simply cannot detect or 
deal with, and there will be a higher load in terms of manual 
administration tasks that have to be performed for the list.

In the end, I suspect you're much better off finding a hosting 
company that doesn't have such limits and charges reasonable amounts.

But if you want to give Amazon's service a try, you should go ahead 
and feel free to do that.  In that case, please let us know what 
steps you had to take in order to make it work for you, and what 
problems you encountered.

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