[Mailman-Users] Re Problems with "more info" Hyperlink fromListArchives Page

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Nov 7 17:00:07 CET 2007

Barry Finkel 
>I did not run
>     bin/arch --wipe
>because I did not need to, and also I was unsure of the proper
>parameters.  I also did not have time to look for the man page.
>I know that when I convert a Majordomo list to Mailman, I have to run
>     /usr/lib/mailman/bin/arch --wipe $LISTNAME majordomolist.mbox
>after creating the majordomolist.mbox file from the Majordomo list
>archives.  On my Ubuntu system
>     man arch
>displays the man page for
>     arch - print machine architecture

There is no 'manpage' per se for any of Mailman's bin/ commands, but
they all have a -h/--help option.

>One thing that
>     fixurl
>did that I was not expecting was to change
>     host_name
>back to the default in one test list where I had set it to another
>nodename for testing.  But re-setting this parameter was easy to do
>via the admin web interface.

If this list has it's web_page_url based on DEFAULT_URL_HOST and its
host_name different from DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST, then what you did is the
best you can do with fix_url.

Run bin/fix_url.py (rather than running bin/withlist -r fix_url ...) to
see the help for fix_url.

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