[Mailman-Users] where do I edit English messages?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 9 18:28:05 CET 2007

zbigniew szalbot wrote:
>If I edit mailman.po for a given language and do not delete any line but 
>leave some of them empty (like this: " \n"). Can I do the same in the 
>confirm.py by leaving empty lines where I do not need any text?
>For example the whole message:
>Your confirmation is required in order to complete the subscription 
>request to the mailing list test4test list.  Your subscription settings 
>are shown below; make any necessary changes and hit Subscribe to 
>complete the confirmation process.  Once you've confirmed your 
>subscription request, you will be shown your account options page which 
>you can use to further customize your membership options.
>Note: your password will be emailed to you once your subscription is 
>confirmed.  You can change it by visiting your personal options page.
>Or hit Cancel my subscription request if you no longer want to subscribe 
>to this list.
>I would like to shorten it to:
>Click Subscribe to complete the confirmation process or hit Cancel my 
>subscription request if you no longer want to subscribe to this list.
>Can I do it in confirm.py in such way that empty lines will not be 
>removed? If I do that, does it mean I do not have to rebuild mailman.po 
>for corresponding languages (as the number of lines will be the same)?


The text in msgid in the mailman.po file must be identical to the text
in the _() call in the code. Even a difference of a space, e.g., an
empty line vs. a blank line containing a space, will cause the lookup
to fail.

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