[Mailman-Users] Email subscribe interface and QP encoding

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Nov 10 06:04:29 CET 2007

Barry Finkel wrote:

>Mark Sapiro wrote in reply to a posting:
>>Does Outlook have an option to use 8bit encoding rather than QP, and
>>why is it QP encoding a message that appears to not have any 8bit
>Will Outlook use QP when there is a blank character at the end of
>a line in the body of the message?  I do not use Outlook, so I do not
>know.  In the past I have seen many subscription attempts to our
>Majordomo lists (most of which have been converted to Mailman) in
>QP format, and the su_______ line has
>     su______   listname user at example.com=20
>and since Majordomo does not decode QP, the confirmation mail is
>sent to an invalid address
>     user at example.com=20
>I have not experimented with administrivia mail to Mailman in QP
>format, as I do not have an easy way to generate such mail.
>Note I am using "su_______" so that my mail is not treated as

A quoted-printable message with a trailing blank encoded as you
describe has the same problem in Mailman through 2.1.9. I have fixed
it for 2.1.10.

Even if you had spelled out 'subscribe', your message wouldn't have
been treated as administrivia. In order to be administrivia, the
'subscribe' would need to be the first word on a line and followed by
no more than 3 additional 'words' on that line. Additionally, it would
need to be among the first 5 non-blank lines in the message body. So,
only the second 'su_______' would qualify except it is too far down.

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