[Mailman-Users] Post Server Migration: Changing host_name Insufficient

Federico Sevilla III jijo at fs3.ph
Mon Nov 12 11:47:07 CET 2007


I migrated all my Mailman lists from one server to another by copying
the contents of /var/lib/mailman/archive and /var/lib/mailman/lists.
Mail delivery works okay, and accessing a particular site directly using
http://new.host.name/mailman/listinfo/listname works okay, too.

However, the DEFAULT_URL_HOST of the new server is different, and the
original DEFAULT_URL_HOST is being abandoned. Furthermore, even if we
use virtual hosting, all of the mailing lists were created using

        # newsite listname

and NOT the alternative

        # newsite listname at virtual.host.name

The net effect is that regardless of what host_name is:

1. Going to http://new.host.name/mailman/listinfo  does not list any of
the lists there, even when advertised = 1 for the lists.

2. All the links in http://new.host.name/mailman/admin/listname/...
point to http://old.host.name/mailman/admin/listname/... which is

I cannot find a way to tweak this, going through all the variables
dumped by config_list. What can I change so that my lists will now
forget old.host.name and use the new lists.host.name?


Federico Sevilla III
F S 3 Consulting Inc.
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