[Mailman-Users] basic but serious spam question

Juan Miscaro scry_mr at yahoo.ca
Mon Nov 12 21:41:50 CET 2007

--- Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:

> Juan Miscaro 
> >
> >I now see that my mailman queue is full of spam.  How do I purge it?
> >
> >No information readily available on the net for this.
> I don't know whether you consider it "readily available", but see
> Also, see

Thank you.

There must be some other mechanism at play here because there was very
little of the heldmsg-* files.  However, when I discarded them
(bin/discard) and restarted qrunner again I (postfix) am swamped with
messages.  I am looking in (for OpenBSD) /var/spool/mailman and I see
some large directories:

$ du -sh *

199M    archives
172K    data
18.6M   lists
2.0K    locks
64.6M   logs
38.3M   qfiles
2.0K    spam

$ du -sh logs/*  

4.3M    logs/bounce
240K    logs/error
30.0K   logs/locks
12.0K   logs/mischief
320K    logs/post
138K    logs/qrunner
6.2M    logs/smtp
52.5M   logs/smtp-failure
864K    logs/subscribe
38.0K   logs/vette

$ du -sh qfiles/*

2.0K    qfiles/archive
48.0K   qfiles/bounces
2.0K    qfiles/commands
238K    qfiles/in
2.0K    qfiles/news
2.0M    qfiles/out
2.0K    qfiles/retry
24.3M   qfiles/shunt
11.7M   qfiles/virgin

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