[Mailman-Users] Incorrect link on empty archive page

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 15 07:31:40 CET 2007

Mark Dale wrote:
>Yes, the "%(listname)s" bit is fine when there is something in the 
>archive. It's weird that it gets malformed (i.e the missing slash) when 
>the archive is empty.
>I tried some edits on "emptyarchive.html" file and restarted Mailman, 
>but these edits didn't show up - so does that mean the empty arhive page 
>is coming from somewhere other than "emptyarchive.html"?

As I tried to indicate (implicitly, at least) in my reply at
the 'empty archive' web page is a static web page built at list
creation time based on "emptyarchive.html" and other things like the
value of web_page_url (which in turn depends on DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN)
at list creation time.

You can change the "emptyarchive.html" template and/or the list's
web_page_url attribute subsequent to creating the list, but these
things will not cause the list's 'empty archive' web page to be

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