[Mailman-Users] Unintended multiple daily digest messages

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 15 16:22:33 CET 2007

Sate Hamza wrote:

>Yes. There were six different successive digests that were sent (6:11 AM ...
>Vol 2, Issue 28, 9:26 AM ... Vol 2, Issue 29, 11:43 AM ... Vol 2, Issue 30,
>12:02 PM ... Vol 2, Issue 31, 12:04 PM ... Vol 2, Issue 32 and 3:12 PM ...
>Vol 2, Issue 33).

Note that this has happened before. Assuming that
digest_volume_frequency is Monthly, there were already 27 digests
produced in the first 12 days of the November.

>The "digest_size_threshhold" was 30Kb and the "digest_send_periodic" was set
>to "Yes".
>I thought the default was to send one daily digest only and not multiple
>dailiy digests (i.e dispatch a digest every time the threshold is met).

No. A digest will always be produced when the size of the accumulated
messages reaches digest_size_threshhold. The only control you have
over this is to set digest_size_threshhold bigger. Note that the
threshhold is the size of the accumulated messages file. The actual
digest (at least the plain text digest) may be smaller due to
scrubbing of attachments.

>If I
>set "digest_size_threshold" to 200Kb and "digest_send_periodic" was set to
>"No", does that mean that no daily digest will be dispatched at all  in a
>slow day when there may be few messages?


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