[Mailman-Users] Error log messages and troubleshooting possible slow message sends

Robin Walls - McClatchy Interactive rwalls at mcclatchyinteractive.com
Thu Nov 15 17:47:19 CET 2007

I cleaned up a lot of unused scripts, but appear to have missed a step, 
because the error log file has many entries for the lists that were 
removed.  Would anyone happen to know what steps are necessary to make 
the error messages go away? I used the script "rmlist" to delete the lists.
Nov 11 05:17:48 2007 post(2297): post script, list not found: nao-opinion
Nov 11 05:17:48 2007 post(2298): post script, list not found: nao-sports
Nov 11 05:19:55 2007 mailcmd(2367): mailcmd script, list not found: 

Additionally, we have been receiving complaints that certain list 
members are not getting emails in a timely fashion.  While it appears to 
be their email provider or spam filter, Mailman is being blamed.  The 
person's account is set to receive individual messages, so they are not 
being held for digest. 

I believe the "post" log shows when the message was received by Mailman; 
however I am not finding the log that says when it was sent.  I assumed 
it would be "smtp", but there is currently no mention of the recent 
email being sent (I did receive it). Do messages get sent out in batches 
and then recorded upon completion or leave the server all at once?

Thank you for any information you can provide.


Robin Walls
rwalls at mcclatchyinteractive.com

Robin Walls
McClatchy Interactive
(919) 861-1243

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