[Mailman-Users] fatal: execvp /var/mailman/mail/mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 20 17:17:23 CET 2007

Eric Beda wrote:
>the server sends and receives mail just fine, i succesfully (i think)
>installed mailman, i tried restoring the backed up mailling list going
>through some online tutorial, and i think everything went fine except for
>this error that i see now (it wasn't there)
>fatal: execvp /var/mailman/mail/mailman
>can anyone shed some light ??

/var/mailman/mail/mailman is the wrapper that is invoked by the MTA
(mail server) to pipe incoming mail to Mailman. The above message
(where do you see it?) probably occurs when the MTA tries to execute
the pipe.

What is in the MTA log?


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