[Mailman-Users] extracting addresses without a mailman installation?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Nov 21 09:44:17 CET 2007

On 11/21/07, Cheryl Trooskin-Zoller wrote:

>                                                   The answer  I found
>  in the list archives -- to run "strings" on config.pck -- seems to get
>  me a jumbled list of subscriber addresses, also-accept-posts-from
>  addresses, and banned addresses, with no obvious way of telling them
>  apart.

The thing is, you need to know something about the structure of the 
pickle file format, before you can tell what means what.  I don't see 
how you can get that without having another Mailman installation 
where you can use the standard command-line tools to extract the 
information you need.

So, why not install Mailman on another machine, restore the 
appropriate bits of the /usr/local/mailman directory, and then run 
the appropriate command-line tools?  Or, for that matter, why not 
just restore the entire /usr/local/mailman directory structure, then 
re-install a new copy of Mailman on top of that (in case there are 
architectural differences, etc... between the two machines), and then 
get back into operation pretty much immediately?

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