[Mailman-Users] non-moderating administrator?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Nov 21 09:51:59 CET 2007

On 11/21/07, Iain Buchanan wrote:

>  hmm.  owner == administrator?  I assumed owner was <listname>-owner at ...
>  or is this just a redirect to, eg. me?

The owner is/are the registered owner(s) of the list, per the Mailman 
configuration.  The term is synonymous with administrator, yes.

>  Any suggestions?  Should I make the owner bitbucket at mydomain.com or
>  similar?

So, you want all the moderators to get the moderator mail, but you 
don't want to get any of the moderator mail as default owner of all 
the lists?

Problem is, I think there may be other stuff that is also sent to the 
list-owner that you would need to see, and which the moderators would 
not be able to do anything about even if they did see it.  So, I 
don't think you can just toss all this stuff in the bitbucket.

I imagine you might be able to make a source-level change to the 
moderator process, so that all mail that would normally go to both 
the moderator(s) and the list owner(s) would instead go to just the 
moderator(s), but I do wonder how much of a risk that would be.

>  Can any other "admins" comment on what they do?  Surely someone else
>  admins a whole heap of lists too?  I can also set up mail filters, but
>  ultimately I would like to stop it at the source.

For the python.org lists, we don't really tend to have separate list 
owners versus list moderators.  The same people do both jobs, and for 
most lists I don't think there are any specified moderators (as 
separate from the list owners, I mean).

This includes all the mailman-* mailing lists that are hosted on 
python.org, although I will soon be setting up a separate group for 
handling these things and we'll actually have real, live separate 
moderators for all these lists, in addition to the list owners.

Yes, I'm the primary active postmaster and mailing list administrator 
for python.org, but we're trying to bring some more people online to 
help address that single-point-of-failure issue.

For the lists we run for the NTP Public Services Project over on 
ntp.org, I have a central listmaster@ alias that is the registered 
owner of pretty much all lists, and certain designated people get 
those messages.  I don't know what anyone else does with them, but I 
try to deal with all the moderator stuff as soon as I can, although I 
do make sure to turn off immediate notices so that I usually only 
have to check once a day.

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