[Mailman-Users] Unable to post to list (Mailman+Exim)

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 22 06:51:18 CET 2007

Kapil Karekar wrote:
>I have re-verified all the steps listed at:
>The main, router and transport configuration on my machine is exactly as
>per the documentation.

Well, the router you posted previously is NOT exactly as per the
documentation at <http://www.exim.org/howto/mailman21.html>. Have you
changed it?

>Yet I get the same error message in my rejectlog.
>2007-11-22 10:21:41 H=(mail.domain.tld) [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] F=<kapil at domain.tld> rejected RCPT <listname at list.domain.tld>: Unrouteable address

The order of routers in Exim is significant. Is there another router
preceding the mailman_router that might be processing
<listname at list.domain.tld> and be unable to route it?

>Is there something which I should add to the /etc/aliases file to make the lists work? Please help, I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this :(

No. If the macro definitions, mailman_router and mailman_transport are
correct, and the list exists (i.e. the require_files in the router is
satisfied), and there are no preceding routers that preempt
<listname at list.domain.tld> and then can't route it, then that's all
you need.

I suggest that you verify that the require_files in the router expands
to the correct path, and if the mailman_router isn't the first one,
move it to be first.

Then you can run

  exim -bt <listname at list.domain.tld>

to see if the address is routable.

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