[Mailman-Users] Configuration problem - virtual domains URL

Marc Perkel marc at perkel.com
Mon Nov 26 01:52:02 CET 2007

I'm trying to figure out how to do a slightly unusual configuration. 
Normally mailman wants to use URLs like http://www.domain.com/mailman . 
But what I want to do is have url's that look like 

So - in my config file I have:

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'ctyme.com'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'ctyme.com'
DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://mailman.%s/'

Seems to work for managing the list but when I try to use /create or 
/listinfo instead of http://mailman.ctyme.com I get 

What I don't understand is why the double mailman and how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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