[Mailman-Users] another question about invitationconfirmationsubject line/VERP

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Nov 27 23:23:43 CET 2007

Christopher Adams wrote:

>Thank you for clarifying that. I assumed from the Postfix/VERP
>configuration documentation (below) that the '+' delimiter would be
>used regardless of entering it in the Postfix main.cf file. I should
>tried adding it anyway, but I hadn't gotten to that step yet.  Thanks,
>it works as it should.
>Quoted from documentation:
>With Postfix, the whole process is controlled by four configuration parameters.
>default_verp_delimiters (default value: +=)

Yes, one would think that, but you do need to set

recipient_delimiter = +

in main.cf, even though the Postfix document doesn't get to that until
much later.

BTW, the Postfix/VERP configuration referred to in the Postfix
documentation is true VERP done by the MTA. What Mailman calls VERP is
similar, but it is done by Mailman by manipulating envelope senders
before delivering to the MTA and is more expensive because it requires
Mailman to send each recipient in a separate SMTP transaction. And,
what Mailman calls VERP_CONFIRMATIONS is a misnomer and isn't really
VERP or VERP-like at all.

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