[Mailman-Users] Delayed deliveries and diagnostics

Todd Reed treed at astate.edu
Wed Nov 28 20:00:04 CET 2007

I am having major delays when sending messages out.  I have several
lists with 20k-30k users.  I just discovered that a message that was
sent out on October 25 is still being delivered.  Other than the logs in
the /var/log/mailman directory, is there a diagnostics program or some
sort of reporting with mailman?  I can't find anything in the docs.



OS:                         CentOS 5 x64

SMTP:                   Postfix 2.3.3

Listserv:               Mailman 2.1.9

Perl:                       Perl 5.8.8

Python:                2.4.3


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