[Mailman-Users] another question about invitation confirmationsubject line/VERP

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Nov 29 23:39:09 CET 2007

Christopher Adams wrote:
>So, if all I want to do (which was my original question) is to VERP
>confirmations,  I only have to add this to Postfix:
>default_verp_delimiters = +=
>verp_delimiter_filter = -+=x

Actually, you don't need either of these. default_verp_delimiters
specifies the default VERP delimiters to be used in the envelope
sender address, + to separate the sender from the recipient address
and = to replace the @ in the recipient address. verp_delimiter_filter
specifies the characters that a sender is allowed to specify as
replacements for the defaults.

They both relate only to 'true' VERP done by Postfix on outgoing mail
and have nothing to do with Postfix's parsing of incoming mail

What you do need in Postfix is

recipient_delimiter = +

So that when Postfix receives the reply to a 'friendly' confirmation
addressed to listname-confirm+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at example.com it
delivers it the same as it would if it were addressed to
listname-confirm at example.com .

>and this to mm_cfgy.py:
>All other VERP setting are whatever is the default in Defaults.py.

That's correct.

>VERPing the confirmations seems to work as expectedc and I assume that
>there is not much of a burden on the server without VERPing every
>message or even VERPing a sample of messages.

There is no additional burden on anything (except maybe Postfix address
parsing on the replies) from setting VERP_CONFIRMATIONS = Yes since
the confirmations are individual messages sent one at a time to one
recipient regardless of the VERP_CONFIRMATIONS setting.

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