[Mailman-Users] thread-throttling (feature idea, needs more thought)

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Nov 30 07:24:12 CET 2007

Jim Popovitch writes:

 > What if Mailman had a thread-throttling feature where after a preset
 > number of posts, further posts (with same msgid or Subject, etc.) would
 > automatically induce a queuing delay.

I think this would just lead to people mail-bombing the admins instead
of the list. :-)

The other issue I can think of is that when I think back on the cases
where in hindsight I really wish I'd had a 15 minute delay on the SEND
key mostly occurred on lists with a substantial management component.
It would be really nasty if a feature intended to keep hotheads like
me from embarrassing themselves instead suddenly slowed a discussion
of how to deal with an ongoing DDOS attack or the like.

Now, if you were proposing a feature where Mailman would notice that
I've posted to a thread 3 times in fifteen minutes and mail me a
polite notice "are you really sure you need to post to this thread
three times in fifteen minutes?!", *that* I could really go for!  It
wouldn't even have to work for other people.<wink>

Or to paraphrase an old George Carlin schtick, "Stop me before I
[post] again!"

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