[Mailman-Users] variable codes showing

April Mar april.mar at comcast.net
Mon Oct 1 02:27:15 CEST 2007

It seems that my welcome message that is being sent out when someone subscribes is doing so without the variables being replaced with, well, the variable!!!!

See this copy and paste of a portion of my welcome message  -------

  Welcome to the %(real_name)s@%(host_name)s mailing list! %(welcome)s

  Throughout the year you will receive important News and Announcements
  from Shu Ren via this list.  We appreciate your participation.

  PLEASE NOTE:  That some online email programs with Spam protection
  turned on may automatically discard messages from lists such as this.
  Add %(real_name)@%(host_name) to your address book to prevent this.

  Thank you.

  General information about the mailing list is at:


------  And so on.

Can anyone help me figure out why?  I am possitive I have the code for them written correctly.  But I did add to it as you can see under "Edit the public HTML pages and text files".

Thanks for any input.

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