[Mailman-Users] Beginner questions

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Oct 1 16:56:13 CEST 2007

Chris Arnold wrote:

>Dennis Morgan wrote:
>> Using the DNS report tool from
>> www.dnsstuff.com
>> It says you don't have a MX record for that domain. Quoting:
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> MX Category  ERROR: I couldn't find any MX records for 
>> mytimewithgod.net. If you want to receive E-mail on this domain, you 
>> should have MX record(s). Without any MX records, mailservers should 
>> attempt to deliver mail to the A record for mytimewithgod.net. I can't 
>> continue in a case like this, so I'm assuming you don't receive mail on 
>> this domain.
>> Mail  FAIL  Connect to mail servers  ERROR: I could not find any 
>> mailservers for mytimewithgod.net.

DNSStuff is a bit too fussy here.

>I have 2 domains, electrichendrix.com and mytimewithgod.net. Both are
>through dyndns.com as i have 1 dhcp address from my provider. Both
>domains have a mx record in dyndns.com's system. It doesn't really
>matter, as mail going to mytimewithgod.net is pointed to the same ip as
>electrichendrix.com and i have no problem getting mytimewithgod.net mail
>on my mailserver. Passed this isp connection i have a juniper firewall
>that does nat or more appropriately, pat. Behind this firewall, sits the
>192.168.x.x subnet and the 192.168.x.x subnet. These subnets are
>connected via switches to the firewall. On these subnets, i have a DC, a
>mailserver and a webserver. It is funny that mytimewithgod.net does not
>report a mx record; i am looking at the mx right now on dyndns.com.
>Anyway, mytimewithgod.net is making it to my mailserver and being
>forwarded to the webserver which has mailman installed.
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

Your list is in the lists.mytimewithgod.net domain which does have an
MX pointing to mytimewithgod.net and mytimewithgod.net has a single A
record. Thus, mail to lists.mytimewithgod.net is delivered via
mytimewithgod.net which is fine. Also, mail to mytimewithgod.net will
work too because mytimewithgod.net has a single A record and even
though DNSStuff doesn't like it, this is sufficient for delivery of


>Here is the problem, i believe.......mail from the mailserver is being
>rejected by the webserver as "relay access denied". On the webserver,
>which has postfix, in main.cf i have entered relayhost =
>main.mail.server but i still get the same response "relay access

I think this affects outgoing mail, not incoming mail. It may or may
not be required/desirable depending on whether you need/want Postfix
to deliver mail via the mailserver box.

>I have asked on the postfix mailinglist, how to have postfix
>accept mail from my webserver. Still waiting for a reply.

That's the right place to ask.

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