[Mailman-Users] Relaying error

Yan Herndon yan at jointtech.com
Thu Oct 4 00:02:30 CEST 2007

I am receiving messages when I setup the list.  I also receive messages
that there is a message awaiting moderation.  When I send a post to the
list and then accept it it shows up in the archive.


Just no actual posts go out.

If Qmail is not configured properly (wont relay from localhost)would I
receive any messages?  I'd like to know that before I go down the Qmail


In mm_cfg/py I did not see settings for SMTPPORT/HOST.  They were in
Defaults.py.  Should I add them to mm_cfg.py and remove from defaults?
Change it in Defaults?  Add to mm_cfg and leave the old info in


Thanks for the help. 


>>>Neither is Qmail, but ...


Mailman delivers to the SMTP server and port defined by SMTPHOST and

SMTPPORT which default to 'localhost' and 0 (which really means 25)

respectively. You can assign these any values you wish in mm_cfg.py

(or remove or change an existing assignment) if that will solve the



However, it really seems that Qmail is not configured properly if it

won't relay mail originating at 'localhost'.





Yan Herndon

Director of Technology

Joint Technologies LTD




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