[Mailman-Users] Relaying error

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Oct 4 02:40:48 CEST 2007

Yan Herndon wrote:

>I am receiving messages when I setup the list.  I also receive messages
>that there is a message awaiting moderation.  When I send a post to the
>list and then accept it it shows up in the archive.

So mailman is able to send via qmail and the important qrunners are

>Just no actual posts go out.
>If Qmail is not configured properly (wont relay from localhost)would I
>receive any messages?  I'd like to know that before I go down the Qmail

Mailman can deliver a message with one recipient to Qmail and Qmail
sends it. That says a lot of things are working, but it doesn't say
that Qmail will accept and send a message with many recipients, so
this may or may not be a Qmail issue.

>In mm_cfg/py I did not see settings for SMTPPORT/HOST.  They were in
>Defaults.py.  Should I add them to mm_cfg.py and remove from defaults?
>Change it in Defaults?  Add to mm_cfg and leave the old info in

No. Never make changes to Defaults.py. If you needed to change SMTPHOST
and/or SMTPPORT, you would just put the settings in mm_cfg.py and they
would override those in Defaults.py, but in your case, the defaults
are correct or Mailman wouldn't be able to send at all.

I will continue this reply to your latest post which just arrived here.

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