[Mailman-Users] Questions on mail spools

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Oct 9 19:37:06 CEST 2007

Melinda Gilmore wrote:

>I need to migrate from listproc to mailman.   In trying to look at some of
>the configurations.   We need to find out when an individual list may have
>rec'd mail.  Is there a individual mail log for each list like in listproc.


>Or maybe I am looking at this in the wrong way.    I can look in the postfix
>mail, but not by individual list.

You can always grep the log for a list address.

Mailman has logs. In particular, 'post' and 'smtp' but both these log
posts (and other messages in the case of 'smtp') as they are sent, not
received. Mailman's 'vette' log logs posts that are held, rejected or
discarded. Nothing in Mailman logs a post as it is received, and all
Mailman's logs are global, not list specific.

There is also a list attribute 'last_post_time' for each list, but
you'd have to create a script to access and display it. For an
example, see <http://veenet.value.net/~msapiro/scripts/last_post.py>
(mirrored at <http://fog.ccsf.edu/~msapiro/scripts/last_post.py>).
Also, this is the time the post was placed in the outgoing queue for
delivery, so it doesn't include posts that are currently held or that
have been rejected or discarded.

>We would also like to be able to see
>when the last time a list has been changed.   Any ideas??

You could look at the timestamp on the lists/<listname>/config.pck
file, but this may change much more frequently than what you're
looking for.

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