[Mailman-Users] Moderation

Mikael Hansen mikaelhansen2 at comcast.net
Tue Oct 16 16:04:49 CEST 2007

I was reminded of the following from the "Mailing list Configuration  
moderator Option" page:

"The list moderators ... are allowed to tend to pending  
administration requests, including approving or rejecting held  
subscription requests, and disposing of held postings."

Is this moderation though or list administration? Stuff like max  
message body and dealing with non-subscriber addresses does not spell  
moderation to me (although it is nice to approve such in some cases).

Conventional moderation may well be turning on moderation for a given  
subscriber, but I am not interested in this to the extent that I  
don't know whether it is possible in Mailman.

The moderation that appeals to me is for instance putting a given  
subscriber on leave for a given number of days to cool off (without  
manually having to keep track of when it expires).

Useful would also be assigning a given number of messages that  
subscribers can post in 24 hour period (all or given subscribers). If  
the max is reached, the moderator is sent a request to approve or deny.

Would this one day be possible?


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