[Mailman-Users] removing owner notification of post requests fromnon-members and automatically discarding bad e-mail addies

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Oct 18 17:36:47 CEST 2007

Justin Ehrlichman wrote:
>Pardon the noob, but I run a list with about 20,000 members that sends
>coupons and discounts for our frequent customers. First off I receive
>notifications about local system accounts like root keeps sending e-mail to
>that list. Is their an option to turn those off?

I'm not understanding your questions.

Why is root sending mail to your list? When this happens, what is the
notice you receive. If it is a notice that a non-member post is held,
there are various options. You can set Privacy options...->Sender
filters->generic_nonmember_action to Reject or Discard to avoid
holding the messages, and/or you can set General
Options->admin_immed_notify to No to get only a daily summary of held
messages. You can also set General Options->max_days_to_hold to a
non-zero value to automatically discard held messages after that many

> Also is their a way to
>automatically discard bad e-mail so my mail que doesn't get flooded?

If you mean 'incoming mail' see above. If you mean outgoing mail, see
Mailman's Bounce processing settings.

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