[Mailman-Users] : Problem Running mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 24 17:33:12 CEST 2007

QA Engg wrote:
>I tried the procedure to  install  mailman from the  Wikipedia  and
>following errors
>>>pallavi at wiki-13:~$ emerge -p mailman
>bash: emerge: command not found

You are trying to follow instructions for a package and perhaps even an
OS which you do not have.

>>>pallavi at wiki-13:~$ # groups mailman
>>>pallavi at wiki-13:~$ cron mailman
>cron: can't open or create /var/run/crond.pid: Permission denied
>>>pallavi at wiki-13:~$ # cd /usr/local/mailman/cron && crontab -u mailman
>>>pallavi at wiki-13:~$ # su - mailman

In 3 of the four lines, the '#' you typed is actually the 'root' shell
prompt in the example you are copying. Thus you are typing comments,
not commands.

>>>pallavi at wiki-13:~$ $ cd /usr/local/mailman/cron
>bash: $: command not found

Here and in the following you typed a '$' prompt as opposed to the '#'
above so bash told you there is no '$' command.

You need to get some help and instruction from somone who knows
something about Unix/Linux. That is beyond the scope of the
mailman-users at python.org list.

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