[Mailman-Users] Archive deletion

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Oct 27 00:51:47 CEST 2007

On 10/26/07, Randy Steck wrote:

>  I've search the mailing list archives, and the question of deleting old
>  archives comes up repeatedly with unsatisfying answers.  As far as I can
>  tell, a list owner does not have an option to delete any archives.   This
>  needs to be done at the administration level and requires access to site
>  resources.


>               Since I don't have site access, the archives will continue to
>  grow forever unless I turn them off completely.  But, this does not help in
>  bringing up new lists and allowing new subscribers to catch up, all while
>  trying to keep junk off the disk.

You would need to talk to your site administrator.  If they're not 
providing you the support you require, you might want to think about 
whether or not you want to move to a different site.

>  If this is correct, who can I talk to about making an option available to
>  kill off outdated archives?

The best thing would be for you to create a patch that does what you 
want, then upload that to the appropriate Mailman patch page on 
SourceForge.  Or, you could pay someone to do that.

Otherwise, you can file your Request For Enhancement on the Mailman 
RFE page on SourceForge, and depending on the priority of other 
things and whatever other work is being done at the time by the 
Mailman developers, that RFE might or might not get resolved at some 
point in time in the future.

But this is an open source project, and the rule with open source 
projects is that the quickest way to get your particular problem 
resolved is to come up with the proposed code and provide that to the 

If the code is written in the appropriate style, and can be easily 
folded into future release engineering work, then you're basically 
just playing a waiting game.

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