[Mailman-Users] postfix + mailman + ubuntu

Richard Rae Richard_Rae at xyratex.com
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Thanks for the input I have gone from 3000+ to 41 errors. I can not seem
to shake the last 41. I have ran and reran the fix numerous times. Any


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Richard Rae sent the message below at 15:38 10/30/2007:
>Ok, been through the some of the steps.
>The services are running and so is qrunner. They are set to run on boot
>I have check the permissions, and they are all worng apparently. Do you

>know how to resolve that?
>Thanks for the input :)
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Run the bin\check_perms script with the -f option until it reports no
errors. You need to be logged in as root to do this.


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