[Mailman-Users] Aliases file and upgrading

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Sep 2 00:24:07 CEST 2007

runner at winning.com wrote:

>> 1) Is there any problem with manually adding the extra alias 
>> owner-listname for each migrated list and
>> 2) Is is possible that mailman 2.1.9 is generating references to 
>> owner-listname and if so, is that a problem?
>I just found the answer to question 1.  If you add the alias manually it will be removed when you run mailman's genaliases command.  I'm going to look at postfix's virtual aliasing capabilities to see if I can solve this.

There are a few possible approaches to 1) (bear with me, I'm not a
postfix guy)

1a) map owner-listname to listname-owner in /etc/aliases or some other
non-mailman aliases file. This way I think you can avoid the 'group
mismatch error' that would result if you tried to pipe the
owner-listname address directly to the wrapper in an alias file not
owned by Mailman's user:group.

1b) add the owner-listname pipe alias to Mailman's data/aliases and
don't run Mailman's genaliases. Just rely on list creation/deletion to
add/remove the appropriate stanzas, and manually add the
owner-listname for new lists.

1c) create another set of postfix alias files with the same ownership
as the ones in Mailman's data/ directory and put the owner-listname
pipe aliases there.

But, 1) should not be necessary because the answer to 2) is No. Mailman
itself is not generating mail to owner-listname unless owner-listname
is a list member, owner or moderator. It should not be an owner or
moderator, at least not of the same list - i.e., the owners and
moderators of listx should not contain any listx-* addresses and
should not contain any owner-listx address unless that address is
deliverable outside of Mailman. If owner-listname is a list member,
that address should be changed to listname-owner.

You can use Mailman's

  bin/find_member owner-

to see if any owner- addresses are members of which lists.

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