[Mailman-Users] Bypassing approval when subscribing list members

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Sep 12 04:48:47 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,

I'm setting up some Mailman lists, and I'd like them to be closed lists 
so that anyone who subscribes will have to wait until a moderator 
approves them first.

However, we'd like e-mail addresses in our own domain to be able to 
subscribe to the lists without requiring approval, so that only external 
addresses need approving.

Our pre-Mailman system had a web page for subscribing which we'll still 
be using, so this page will read the address, verify the domain and then 
pass the request on to Mailman via e-mail (which sits on a different 

Unfortunately I can't work out how to send an e-mail subscription 
request to Mailman that bypasses the moderator approval.  I tried 
including an Approved: header in the e-mail to listname-subscribe at host, 
but it was ignored.

Is there any way to allow someone to subscribe others without requiring 
moderator approval?  Or alternatively is there some way you can supply a 
regular expression for address that do or don't require approval?  There 
  is a 'ban list' which could be used to stop external people from 
subscribing completely, but it would be nice if we could review these 
individual requests instead of just denying them outright.


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