[Mailman-Users] Approved header problem

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Sep 16 18:04:49 CEST 2007

Roy Harvey wrote:

>--- Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:
>> Second, how does this protect you against revealing the password by
>> sending it to the wrong place? You could still add the Approved:
>> header to an email to a non-list address.
>My email program, Agent, provides a way to associate specific
>personas with specific destination addresses.  I created a new
>persona just for this broadcast list.  The special header line is
>associated with the persona.  As long as I don't link the persona
>with any other target address I should be fine.

As long as you don't Cc: or Bcc: anyone other than the list with this

>When I view the outgoing message in my Sent folder, and show all
>header fields, I am not seeing any trailing blank.  When I edit the
>item in my email program where the password is entered there is no
>trailing blank.  Which is not to say that there isn't one when it is
>sent, just that I can't see one.
>I will try saving the password again, perhaps that will do it.

If not, try sending the message to the list with a Bcc: to yourself.
Then, if possible, examine the raw message received via Bcc:. It may
not be sufficient to look at it in Agent, unless Agent can show you
the raw message as received. You may be able to save it to a file from
Agent and examine that with an editor, or possibly view Agent's mail
folder with an editor.

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