[Mailman-Users] Mailman charset problems

Pál Viktor vik at nava.hu
Wed Sep 19 19:38:29 CEST 2007


I have a problem with the mailman web interface output.
I use the hungarian translation, which should be generated as an 
ISO-8859-2 html file, but it generates an UTF-8 output.
I have checked the text files which are related to the web output and 
they are all in ISO-8859-2.
It seems to me like mailman would read the files in ISO-8859-2, and 
after that it converts it to UTF-8 and generates the html output.

This is the add language row of my /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Defaults.py 
add_language('hu',    _('Hungarian'),           'iso-8859-2')

Default language in the /etc/mailman/mm_cfg.py file is:

In the html output the charset is ok:
<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-2">

Apache header is also ISO-8859-2.

So the browser reads it as ISO-8859-2 text, but it is UTF-8 text so it 
is unreadable.
If I temporary chanage the charset in firefox to utf-8 it appears correct.

It is an ubuntu dapper with mailman version 2.1.5-9ubuntu4.1.

Thanks for the help.


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