[Mailman-Users] option to send mail but disallow posting

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Sep 20 05:55:29 CEST 2007

Michael Welch wrote:
>Thanks, Mark. Seems like that would prevent me from being able to moderate other participants that do have permission to post, but must be baby-sat.

Yes it would. With current Mailman, you can't have both.

>So, unless there is something else, I guess I am stuck with putting them on the list moderated, and hand-rejecting their posts.


>Allowing non-posting list members would be a good feature request. 

I'm not sure how much interest there would be. My feeling is that for
most lists, the choices of moderating some or all members to be able
to review their posts, versus moderating members to prohibit posting
as for an announce list is sufficient.

You could consider a second list which is a member of the first list
and has as it's members, the people who should receive list posts but
not be able to post. You could then set the second list as announce
only with all members moderated and unable to post. See
for more info on setting this up. Also, since the first list wouldn't
be an umbrella per se, you would need to set the second list's options
on its membership on the first list to not receive periodic password
reminders. This is an imperfect solution as anyone can still go to the
member options login page for the second list's membership of the
first list and request a password reminder which will be sent to the
second list.

>The way we dealt with this on Topica was to have them view the archives online which obviously had to be made public.

Public archives are an option with Mailman too.

>P.S. Still looking for a regexp wizard to help delete Topica body footers and ads from the emails in my mailboxes.  

I don't know about the ads, but the footer is introduced with a line
that begins with a few '-' followed by a '^' followed by more '-'.
Something like


It shouldn't be hard to match that - i.e. ^-{3}\^-{47}$ for the line

Also, you might be interested in
(mirrored at
<http://fog.ccsf.edu/~msapiro/scripts/Topica_Archives.py>) which will
extract posts from a Topica archive into mbox format with minimal
headers (From:, Date: and Subject:) and no ads or Topica footers.

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