[Mailman-Users] Help interpreting message bounces

Steve Waage waage at macalester.edu
Mon Sep 24 18:47:48 CEST 2007

    I'm running Mailman 2.1.5 on FreeBSD 5.5 and have been getting lots 
of entries like the following
in my syslog email every morning.
l8K9iuKg061544     1320 Thu Sep 20 04:44 
                 (Deferred: Name server: mail2.americantower.com.: host 
name l)
                     <cassadalcassada at americantower.com>
l8L6LsnB067909     1490 Fri Sep 21 01:21 
                 (Deferred: Name server: tmtb.co.uk.: host name lookup 
                     <owusutfc at tmtb.co.uk>
l8K8TNKC061094     1551 Thu Sep 20 03:29 <clicref-bounces@[myserver.edu]>
                 (Deferred: Operation timed out with 
                     <peony-kirkup at ainyx.nnecnisiamsapie.co
    The bounce addresses are disguised but legitimate ... the addresses 
that have been
"Deferred" are not on my lists.   I may be missing a basic 
"spam-proofing" setting ??  Or
have they just harvested my listnames in an attempt to get their 
junk-mail past others
email spam-blockers??
    Can I prevent this? 

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