[Mailman-Users] Preventing spam to list owners

Dennis Morgan dennis at eaachat.org
Sun Sep 30 15:32:00 CEST 2007

The way I approached this was I sort of built a new front end. (Thank 
you Mark for your help!)

Instead of people starting at the default Mailman 'advertised lists" 
page I sent everyone here:

I created new lists and moved all the subscribers.

I edited the HTML in the /mailman/listinfo/list_name_here pages so there 
were no mailto: links, there is a typed out address if people really 
want to get in touch with the moderators.

If you follow the link to the administrative page for each list it has a 
mailto: link that discards all the mail that comes in.

On our website we have 2 email addresses in public view with mailto: 
links used for support purposes, we change these whenever the spam level 
gets irritating.

This has worked very well, every once in a while someone becomes a spam 
bot, we track them down and encourage them to clean their computer, 
other than that we have no spam to our lists.


Gary Spivey wrote:
> My lists are locked down to only allow posts from members, so my members
> are not getting any SPAM. However, as list owner, every one of my lists
> is getting a large amount of SPAM - generally sent to the listname-owner
> or to mailman-owner. My maillog entry looks like this:
> Sep 23 10:39:34 hostname sendmail[17245]: l8NHdYwF017244:
> to="|/usr/lib/mailman/mail
> /mailman owner mailman", ctladdr=<mailman-owner at my.domain.com> (8/0),
> delay
> =00:00:00, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=prog, pri=140071, dsn=2.0.0,
> stat=Sent
> Sep 23 10:39:35 hostname sendmail[17247]: l8NHdZV9017247:
> from=<mailman-bounces at my
> .domain.com>, size=2069, class=-60, nrcpts=1,
> msgid=<mailman.23.1190569172.40
> 86.mailman at my.domain.com>, proto=ESMTP, daemon=Daemon0,
> relay=localhost.loc
> aldomain []
> Does anyone know how to best stop these? Are these SPAM's coming from
> the outside direct to the e-mail address, or are they somehow going
> through mailman? If the latter, can I stop it in mailman somehow? If the
> former, does somebody have a recommended way to stop them? I have a SPAM
> filter running on my end system, but I am just tired of the constant
> flow of SPAM. 
> Thanks for any help. 
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