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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Apr 4 19:05:54 CEST 2008

Con Wieland wrote:

>Is it possible to change the "RE" formating on a per list basis. I  
>recently upgraded and I see this was changed in 2.1.6.  BTW - I like  
>the new format but it's those darn users-)
>Changed in 2.1.6
>   - New feature: subject_prefix can be configured to include a sequence
>       number which is taken from the post_id variable.  Also, the  
>prefix is
>       always put at the start of the subject, i.e. "[list-name] Re:  
>       subject", if mm_cfg.OLD_STYLE_PREFIXING is set No.  The  
>default style
>       is "Re: [list-name]" if numbering is not set, for backward  
>       If the list owner is using numbering feature by "%d"  
>directive, the new
>       style, "[list-name 123] Re:", is always used.
>I found this but I don't think it will do it.
>  "Prefix for subject line of list postings." under General options

What are you asking, and what is the issue?

The default setting for OLD_STYLE_PREFIXING is Yes. It can be
overridden in mm_cfg.py. With this setting and no change to the list's
subject_prefix, prefixing will continue to work as before.

In 2.1.6 there were two new features - sequence numbering, and always
putting the prefix first before any Re:.

Numbering is controlled by litterally including '%d' in subject_prefix.
The %d is replaced by the message sequence number in the delivered
message. If you include the %d for sequence numbering, the setting for
OLD_STYLE_PREFIXING is ignored and the new behavior is implied.

In the absence of numbering, OLD_STYLE_PREFIXING controls the order of
the prefix and any Re:. Yes implies the previous style, e.g., "Re:
[Mailman-Users] format" and No implies, e.g., "[Mailman-Users] Re:

Upon rereading, I think your question is "is it possible to have
OLD_STYLE_PREFIXING = No in mm_cfg.py, but use the old style for
selected lists through some list setting". Unfortunately, the answer
to that is no.

You can have OLD_STYLE_PREFIXING = Yes and use the new style for
selected lists, but only by adding sequence numbering to the prefix
for those lists that want the new style.

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