[Mailman-Users] Not receiving pending moderator requestnotifications

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Apr 5 18:37:47 CEST 2008

admin at evasfamily.com wrote:

>I have several mailing lists that are not sending me notifications for pending moderator requests.  I do get new subscriber notifications.

Good. At least you get some owner notifications which means your owner
email is deliverable and processing of Mailman generated noticers is

>I have "Should the list moderators get immediate notice of new requests, as well as daily notices about collected ones?"  set to "yes".

So you *should* be getting notices.

>I do not see that I have access to the logs (it appears to be above my level of access via Cpanel, although I do have shell access if it can be accessed that way).

It will tell you where to find your cPanel Mailman installation, and
will also explain why we are somewhat limited in our ability to help

>Is there anything I may be overlooking?  Would it be possible for me to set up a cron job to send notifications?  Any other suggestions? 

Standard Mailman runs several cron jobs including Mailman's
cron/checkdbs which sends the daily summary of outstanding moderator
requests. Do you get that? If not, what happens if you run
cron/checkdbs manually? Note it has to be run by a user in Mailman's
group in order to access everything it needs.

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