[Mailman-Users] Mailman sends only to listadmins

combie uli at combie.de
Fri Apr 11 20:18:32 CEST 2008

>> The normal setup with Exim doesn't use aliases.

>> Normal posts are delivered to list members
But my mailman does not so.
Only the daily and monthly Digests are send to all users.

>>What's in Mailman's smtp, smtp-failure and bounce logs?
mailman/log/error  only  few old Meassages like:
Apr 02 14:05:01 2008 admin(24560): /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/MailList.py:907:
DeprecationWarning: raising a string exception is deprecated
  raise Errors.MMSubscribeNeedsConfirmation

There are at this time  3 normal Members in the List and  i send a mail to
the list,  it says:
Apr 10 12:53:50 2008 (13580)
<mailman.1.1207824827.13578.combie.de-liste at combie.de> smtp to
combie.de-liste for 1 recips, completed in 0.173 seconds

It sends only the: "Your message entitled xxxxx was successfully received by
the Combie.de-Liste mailing list.

is empty

>> bounce logs?
there is no mailman bounce log

mailman/qfiles/bounces -> is empty
mailman/qfiles/out  -> is empty
mailman/qfiles/bad  -> 4 old Files
mailman/qfiles/archive  -> is empty
mailman/qfiles/bounces  -> is empty

 >>Since posts are reaching the archives, they are being accepted by the
All Posts are in the archive, but not delivered to the "normal" Listmembers

 >> and should be delivered to list members provided the members are regular
members with delivery enabled and OutgoingRunner is processing the out/
 All 8 qrunners are active incl. the OutgoingRunner

 >>Normal posts are delivered to list members
No!! That is my Problem!

>> Addresses in the owner or moderator lists do not receive outgoing posts
>> unless they are also list members.
If i put the "normal" listusers in the "The list administrator email
addresses. Multiple administrator addresses, each on separate line is"
Field, then they recive the Mails.

Please check it:  https://combie.de/mailman/listinfo/combie.de-liste
I raise you to a Listadmin

( Please excuse my bad English)

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