[Mailman-Users] spam issue

Luke Daly Luke.Daly at newcastle.edu.au
Wed Apr 16 02:19:22 CEST 2008

I have a large list (22000) users. it is configured with the following settings :
Action to take when a moderated member posts to the list. = Discard
Action to take for postings from non-members for which no explicit action is defined. = Discard
All users are moderated except where they are an administrator or moderator.

We have turned emergency moderation on due to some spam email from non members coming through mailman. this caused some upset. I have been tasked to find out how this happened. as the config suggests it should have been immediately discarded. when attempting to view the list in the web admin screen if you go to membership management it will time out. 

Has this behaviour been seen before?

Any help in this regard would be appreciated as I like mailman software and would like to respond to the pressure I am getting to replace it with something else.


Luke Daly
Systems Officer
IT Infrastructure
Newcastle University
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