[Mailman-Users] Need capability of link to archived messages

Jonathan Dill jonathan at nerds.net
Thu Apr 17 21:25:49 CEST 2008

On Apr 16, 2008, at 11:29 AM, Darren G Pifer wrote:
> We have a list that we use for keeping backup logs and sometimes these
> logs get rather large.  The list is moderated and sometimes the size  
> of
> the message goes beyond the "Maximum length in KB of message body"  
> which
> requires approval. The owner of the list wanted to know, as I do, is  
> it
> possible to get the e-mail of the message but the message contain an
> embedded URL to the stored archive instead an e-mail message with the
> log?  I am not sure but it sounds to me like some sort of webmail  
> app to
> me is needed.  Is this capability in Mailman or has someone modified
> Mailman to include this sort of functionality?

Just a thought, but maybe you could do something like that with  
MHonArc or with an email-driven trouble ticketing system like Mantis  
or OTRS.


The potential advantage of something like Mantis is that it supports  
the business process by sending a "ticket" to the operator who must  
then do something to confirm that they did what they were supposed to  
do, they could also annotate and "escalate" the ticket if there is a  
problem that the operator cannot solve.

Another approach would be something like email-to-blog then generate  
an RSS feed that operators subscribe to, but like using mailman for  
this purpose, that process still does not validate that the operator  
took some action in response to the message.

A more sophisticated approach would be to tie this to an NMS like  
Zenoss or Nagios with a custom plugin that checks the log output and  
automatically raises an alert if some action is needed, the operator  
must then take some action to clear the alert.


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