[Mailman-Users] Mailman Postfix LDAP

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Apr 23 00:25:26 CEST 2008

Osmany Goderich wrote:

> Can anyone please show me an example of a Mailman working with a Postfix 
> system that has virtual users in an LDAP database? What do I need to do?
> I have tried everything I found on the internet but nothing worked so
> far. Can anyone help me with this?

Well, the normal method of implementing Mailman doesn't have anything at all 
to do with virtual users, so I don't see how that part of your postfix 
system would make any difference here.

Now, if you wanted to implement the Mailman mailing lists through the 
LDAP-based virtual user system, that would be a different matter.  You'd 
need to find some way to get the various Mailman aliases to be 
programatically imported into the LDAP database, so that when postfix 
searched LDAP for listname-owner (or whatever), it would end up being 
pointed at the appropriate resource.

The other part of this problem is whether or not a virtual user can include 
a pipe to a local program or not, because all of the Mailman aliases would 
include pipes to a local program with certain command-line options.

I'm not sure we can help you with either of these parts of the problem. 
These are issues with how postfix interacts with LDAP and whether or not 
virtual users in postfix can include pipes to local programs.

There is an unsupported MySQL member adapter for Mailman, but the front end 
interface to Mailman would still be done through local aliases piped to a 
local program with certain specific command-line options.

If you wanted an LDAP-based member adapter, you'd need to develop that 
yourself, or find someone to work with you to develop that.

My understanding is that Mailman3 will include much more robust interfaces 
to various back-end databases, which I believe may also include LDAP, but 
there is currently no projected timeline for when Mailman3 will ship.

There has finally been an announcement of a pre-alpha development-only 
version of Mailman3 that is available, but if you're not willing and able to 
be a Python systems developer who can work on that code, then that doesn't 
really help you today.

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