[Mailman-Users] SME Server Contrib?

Jim Hale jim-ml at themiditrombone.net
Thu Apr 24 02:44:53 CEST 2008

Sorry - I figured everyone knew what the SME Server was. :)

Home page is http://www.contribs.org and yes, it's an open source, free,
all-in-one package that I've used for several years to run my sites. Only
problem is that it's harder to install 'other' software (Mailman for
example) and the folks that create the contribs (add-ons) have already done
the programming to make it work with the server.

Jim Hale
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>>> for
>>> >  2.1.10?
>>> Sorry, what's an "SME Server Contrib"?
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>>SME was (last I knew) an open-source all-in-one office server distro
>>based on red hat. It does directory services, firewall, email, file and
>>print sharing, etc. Presumably a contrib. is the package they use? It
>>is based on red hat, so it is probably some sort of RPM.
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