[Mailman-Users] "IOError reading list extension" Message

Barry Finkel b19141 at anl.gov
Fri Apr 25 20:19:22 CEST 2008

Barry Finkel wrote:
>>Since these three files are not Mailman lists,
>>which Mailman process that was treating them as list names is
>>not important.

Mark Sapiro replied:
>It's important to me. I would like to understand why the name of a file
>in the lists/ directory is being returned (apparently by
>Utils.list_lists()) as a list name, because this isn't supposed to
>happen (and I can't make it happen in my test installation).

katydid# ls -al /var/lib/mailman/lists/ | grep -v ^d
total 992

Once I removed those files, there are no other regular files in the
directory, only sub-directories.  These messages are appearing each
hour at


and also at


I have a Mailman cron that runs each morning at 07:20


to produce a summary of all subscriptions with a non-zero bounce score;
it essentially does

     foreach list (`ls /var/lib/mailman/lists`)
          /usr/sbin/withlist -r get_bounce_info $list \
        > mailman_bounce_report.tmpout



came from your repository


In that script I assume that everything in the lists subdirectory
is the name of a Mailman list; I do not check for a regular file,
and I am not sure if I really need to code such a check.

I have another cron that runs every hour, on the hour, that produces a
flat file containing records

     listname e-mail address

so I have a list of all of the subscriptions.  That script


essentially does:

     foreach list (`ls /var/lib/mailman/lists`)
          /usr/lib/mailman/bin/list_members -o $destdir/$list $list

I also do not have a check in this script.  I am using 

     foreach list (`ls /var/lib/mailman/lists`)

and not


to get a list of lists.  I assume that the Utils.list_lists()) code
has the check that I do not have in "foreach list".
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