[Mailman-Users] mailman and unknown e-mail address

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Aug 7 18:08:04 CEST 2008

Marco De Rossi wrote:

>Thank you for the answer, all the notifications are set to Yes, but no 
>error notification is sent to mailing list administrator or to sender.

The sender should never receive a bounce. The sender doesn't control
the list membership and can't do anything about a bounce anyway. Only
a badly broken MTA will return a bounce to the sender. Bounces should
be returned to the envelope sender which is the listname-bounces at ...

In the normal case of a bounce being returned to Mailman and 'scored',
no notice is sent. A notice is sent only if the bounce is not one
Mailman can parse or if it results in the member's delivery being

If you have access to Mailman's logs, look at the bounce log. It will
tell you which members have bounced. In any case, make sure the
listname-bounces at ... address is delivered to Mailman. If you send an
ordinary email to listname-bounces at ... you should receive an
unrecognized bounce notification containing that message. If not,
something is wrong with your list mail delivery (aliases, MTA).

Finally, you need to make sure that bounce_score_threshold and
bounce_info_stale_after are set appropriately for the frequency of
list posts. bounce_info_stale_after needs to be at least as many days
as the maximum number of days between posts, otherwise you will lose
good bounce information as stale. Also, for lists with less than daily
activity, bounce_score_threshold should probably be less than the
default 5.0.

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