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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Aug 8 20:22:20 CEST 2008

Hank van Cleef wrote:

> Just because:
> Solaris isn't Linux, and sendmail isn't Postfix, isn't a reason to
> call either one of them "screwed up."

You picked a really bad analogy to make with me.

I've been administering Suns for almost twenty years, since the SunOS 4.0.2 
days.  I still vividly remember the dreckage and bletchery that was called 
Solaris when 2.0 was shipped.  Back in the day, 2.5.1 was the first version 
that was even minimally acceptable, although it has long since been 
overtaken by events.  I've got four Ultra 10 clones sitting in a room at a 
storage facility, because I haven't had space for them since my wife and I 
moved back to the US in 2006.

Likewise, I was the Sendmail FAQ maintainer in 1995, and I was materially 
involved in the very early days of what was originally called IBM VMailer in 
1998, back before Wietse decided to rename it "postfix" and make the 
official launch at the SANE'98 conference where he and I spoke back-to-back 
on the same stage.  There are a number of features in each program that I 
can proudly claim that I was the first to strongly advocate them, or I was 
the first to report their malfunctioning.  You can check the source code if 
you don't believe me.  Just search for my name.

I've been administering Linux since the kernel 2.0.x days, and of all of the 
above mentioned subjects, it's actually the thing I know the least about.

Just because you think you hear me saying things that you've heard from 
other people who have been making snap judgements without adequate 
information, is not necessarily a valid reason to assume that I'm actually 
doing the same.

You admonish me to do my homework on the OSes or MTAs in question before I 
pass judgement, and I admonish you to do your homework before you pass 
judgement on me without adequate information.

When I say that Solaris is screwed-up, I have two decades of experience that 
tells me that it is actually, really, honestly, well and truly screwed-up. 
At least with regards to this particular area.  They may have made 
improvements in lots of other areas, but this is one area where they have 
gone way backwards.

> julie:vancleef:$ uptime
>   9:54am  up 194 day(s), 17:24,  3 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.01,
> 0.02

And I've had machines with an uptime over 1000 days.  Big deal.

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