[Mailman-Users] Spam to list owners

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Feb 1 22:01:50 CET 2008

Mel Sojka wrote:

>Folks I have an old server that is being hosted for a client. Because of 
>Phyton version it is running mailman 2.1.5 under sendmail. For some 
>unknown reason there seems to be a massive amount of spam going to the 
>list owner. Is there some method in this version to stop this abuse. 
>There are multiple web sites on this server so the list-owner is in the 
>Virt User table for sendmail.

The most effective way to deal with spam is with a combination of
measures including greylisting and scanning in the incoming MTA.

In Mailman itself, header_filter_rules are applied to -owner mail as
well as to list mail, so you might be able to do something with them.

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