[Mailman-Users] I desperate need of help

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Feb 2 20:19:01 CET 2008

On 2/2/08, Thomas J Casey wrote:

>  1.	when a person submits an email for distribution and received by the
>  recipients, the From: field displays: test152-bounces at troop152.org; on
>  behalf of; Thomas J Casey [jacsdad at nc.rr.com]
>  <test152-bounces at troop152.org>.  We would like to remove the
>  test152-bounces at troop152.org; on behalf of; and the
>  test152-bounces at troop152.org at the end.
>  Can this be setup and if possible how can I set it up.

See FAQ 2.3 at 

>  2.	when a person replies to the email, it attempts to reply to the
>  originator only (example: Thomas J Casey [jacsdad at nc.rr.com] and not to the
>  distribution list of test152 at troop152.org.
>  Can this be setup and if possible how can I set it up.

See FAQ 3.48 at 

>  3.	I need to able to define who is authorized to submit email for
>  redistribution.  I was told by Support that the individuals email must be
>  added to the General Section of Mailman in the List Moderator section.  This
>  causing havoc with the 87 individuals who are currently contained within the
>  List Moderator section.  They receive ever notice when an individual is
>  added, removed, moderator request(s) waiting, failure notices and the like.

You don't set them up as moderators.  If they are subscribers to the 
list, you simply clear their moderation bit, leaving everyone else 
with their moderation bit set.  If they are not subscribers, then 
they need to be on the whitelist.

>  Can Mailman be setup that only those individuals defied in the General
>  Section of Mailman in the List Administrator section be notified and if
>  possible how can I set it up.

If you want them all to be notified of every moderation action that 
needs to be taken, then a simple way would be to set up an alias or 
mailing list for those people, and then list the alias or other 
mailing list as the moderator for the lists in question.  But list 
moderation can be a huge load of work, so I'm not sure you want that.

>  4.	when a person attempts to send an email to a mailing list, there
>  email is held until I attend to it.

That's standard list moderation.

>  Once authorized in #3, can the process of submission and distribution be
>  automatic?

Sure.  For those people who are approved to post to the list without 
moderation, just clear their moderation bit or put them on the 

Alternatively, you could let them have the list moderator password, 
and have them put the password in their message, according to the 
instructions in FAQ 3.11 and 3.34 at 

>  I have been in contact with Support at Host Monster multiple times, and they
>  have been no help whatsoever.  I've weeded through the instruction on
>  Mailman at: http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/index.html but am more
>  confused then ever.

Regretfully, if your mailing lists are provided by a hosting service, 
they need to be your first stop for all support questions.  If they 
are not responsive to you, then you should look around to find a 
mailing list service provider that is responsive.

>  As you can imagine, I'm getting a lot of heat to rectify these problems PDQ.
>  This is a Boy Scout Troop and I volunteer my services but these problems are
>  causing us more problems then Mailman is worth to us.

Once you get things set up, I think you'll be fine.  There's just 
some minor issues you're not used to, at least partly because of the 
other software you've been using until now.

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