[Mailman-Users] managing pending subscriptions and confirmations

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon Feb 4 01:42:54 CET 2008

On 2/3/08, Jan Steinman wrote:

>  One of my clients is considering using a paid service called "Constant
>  Contact" (http://www.constantcontact.com) because they claim they can
>  get through people's spam filters.

Lots of companies have made claims like this.  In my experience, 
their target market is other companies who want to get their paid 
spam through the spam filters of various recipients.  So, unless you 
want to be lumped in with other spammers who are using a paid service 
to try to get their spam through someone's spam filters, I wouldn't 
recommend using them.

There are services out there that can check to see if your systems 
are on any known black lists, etc... and then report that back to 
you.  They don't help you get spam through someone else's spam 
filters, but they do help you discover when your servers may have 
been accidentally listed on someone else's black lists.  I would 
recommend using services like this, if you don't have the ability to 
do those sorts of things in-house.

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