[Mailman-Users] Scripts Associated with Log File Rotation

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 5 18:32:41 CET 2008

Greg Sims wrote:
>I have a couple of question about doing what I need to without breaking
>(1)   The time stamps of the log files on my system are not all the same.
>The time stamp of /var/log/mailman/subscribe.1 and /var/log/mailman/bounce.1
>are not even on the same day.  This implies that rotation for these files is
>happening at different times.

No it doesn't. All it says is that at the time subscribe and bounce
were renamed to subscribe.1 and bounce.1, the time stamps on those
files were different.

>I'm concerned about making one change to the
>logrotate.d file above - like adding a line to the postrotate section - as a
>(2)   My first concern leads me to break subscribe and bounce into separate
>entries in the logrotate.d file.

You don't need to do this at all. Your concern is based on an erroneous

Just add your processing of the *.1 files after the mailmanctl reopen

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